Selling A Transportation Company - Are you ready to sell your Transportation Business?

by Mike Ryan, President and Founder of Transportation Capital and Mergers, LLC


Sell your Transportation Company Outright — as transportation financial advisors, at any given time we have transportation sector clients looking to buy transportation related businesses. And we certainly know how to source these specialized buyers.

Re-capitalization — selling a part of the company while retaining an equity participation in the company's future. This re-capitalization may allow the company the structure to grow to the next level. It may also allow the owner to take some money off the table to diversify their portfolio or to explore additional opportunities outside the company.

Raising Capital for your Transportation Business — Selling part of your transportation company versus selling the entire transportation business is another option to raise capital. Many potential buyers value the opportunity to buy into a company whose successful founder or principal will remain at the helm — for obvious reasons.

Before Selling Your Transportation Business | Consider YOUR Goals!

What are my 'GOALS' as the owner of the business? You may want to liquidate some or all of your transportation business assets to fund your retirement.

Do you want to remain involved in your company? Some sellers want to retire as soon as possible while others prefer to have an ongoing involvement with their transportation business.

What are my objectives for my transportation company? For instance, the business needs a capital investment in order to grow.

Who else will be affected? Your decision on how to sell your business should consider shareholders, managers and employees, as well as major customers and suppliers. We can help you tailor a plan that will achieve all of your goals.

Selling part or all of your transportation business may be the best way to achieve your goals. If you want to sell your transportation company outright, raise capital for growth or retirements, or anything in between, call us. We are always more than happy to help you understand your options.

EXPERIENCED TEAM | Over 1,000 transactions and an average of over 20 years of Transportation Financial Services experience for team members.

Our team's understanding of and commitment to transportation finance runs very deep and separates us substantially from other merger, financial and operational advisory firms. In addition to over 1,000 client transactions in the transportation sector handled by our team, we have bought, sold, financed and owned transportation companies. Our team members have a long history of active participation in industry associations, including board positions and past association presidents. This is invaluable experience which makes our team especially effective in understanding the complex transportation industry and knowing the right steps to take.

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LOOKING BEYOND THE NUMBERS | Ability to find the value where others don't know to look.

Truly understanding the core value of a transportation business beyond the numbers is critical in both determining the actual value as well as understanding which partners would find the most value in the business. Our team's thorough understanding of operational aspects of building and running transportation companies allows us to assist the owner or CEO in creating and realizing shareholder value.

INTERNATIONAL SCOPE | Transactions and relationships.

Globalization is upon us. The right deal is often outside of a local area and increasingly beyond a country or a continent. We have transactional experience in various parts of the world.

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