Our Process

Phase One:

  • Internal Due Diligence:

    We perform due diligence as if we were a buyer, investor or financing source to better understand all of the value within the company.
  • Marketing Strategy Development:

    We leverage the company's strengths, competitive landscape, and other factors to develop the best marketing strategy.
  • Offering Document Preparation:

    We blend the collected information with the marketing strategy to prepare the necessary marketing materials. We develop a "teaser" profile to provide key highlights, a "Confidential Offering Memorandum" to give an in-depth view, financial compilations to show true profitability and any other documents necessary to help buyers or financing sources truly understand the opportunity.
  • Buyer/Funding Identification:

    We develop a list of prospective buyers or financing sources from our very extensive database as well as other leading sources.

Phase Two:

  • Buyer/Funding Approach and Interest Evaluation:

    We confidentially discuss the company with prospective buyers or financing sources to determine the level of fit and interest.
  • Confidentiality Agreements:

    Buyers or financing sources with significant fit and interest sign a confidentiality agreement, and upon client approval, are allowed access to information to begin their in-depth opportunity analysis and initial due diligence. We maintain continuous contact with prospects as needed.
  • Conference Calls and Site Visits:

    Buyers or financing sources interested in making an offer participate in conference calls and site visits designed to help everyone assess the fit and the chemistry and answer any remaining questions.

Phase Three:

  • Offers:

    We solicit the offers and assist the client and its legal, tax and other advisors in evaluating the offers as needed. One or more prospects proceed to the next phase.
  • Due Diligence:

    Buyer or financing source performs detailed due diligence of company operations, personnel, contracts, site visits, etc. We assist in the process as needed.
  • Definitive Purchase Agreement:

    Definitive purchase, investment or financing agreements are prepared and negotiated as needed.
  • Closing:

    Transaction or funding is closed.

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