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Buying a Transportation Company

Transportation Capital & Mergers has clients selling transportation businesses that may be exactly what you're looking to buy. We also have a large number of potential sellers visit our website who are looking for buyers like you. So why not let them know what you are looking for? Why not get on the Transportation Business Buyers List? You've got nothing to lose and are more likely to find the business you're looking for.

At Transportation Capital & Mergers, we maintain a list of companies, venture capital funds, and private equity funds that are actively looking to acquire Transportation businesses. Describing what type of Transportation business you are interested in allows us to effectively match your needs with our sellers. Fill out our simple contact form and we will help you get on the list and get the ball rolling. There is no charge for this type of registration. In order to register, please complete the contact form and include your acquisition criteria here.

Retained Transportation Buy-Side Representation

We also offer specific, tailored, retained searches. We will use your specific acquisition criteria to confidentially approach targets we identify that meet your needs. We will develop those potential targets and present them in a manner to facilitate the acquisition process. You can call us or complete our contact form if you are interested in learning more about our retained buy side searches.

Found a Company to Buy and Need Assistance with the Transaction

Buying a transportation company can distract a business owner and management team from the core business. Our international team of transportation professionals including CEO's, JD's, CPA's, CFA's, MBA's, and PhD's can help make the process efficient and successful. We can assist in the following areas:

Call or contact us to learn more about our services. Click here for our contact form.

Selling a Transportation Company