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Looking Beyond The Numbers!

Determining a value of a business is a complex undertaking. Not only is every industry vastly different, various sectors within the industry are very different as well. Our specialization in selling companies gives us unique insight into the numbers, industry trends, performance benchmarks, comparable transactions, and buyer attitudes which are key parts of a properly executed business valuation. Additionally, our valuation experts are highly accredited which allows us to quickly provide sound and most importantly, certified valuations.


Our team member Roy E. Johnson's book Shareholder Value - A Business Experience is a handbook for business valuations.
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Common Uses Of our Reports

WHAT YOU GET | Common Scope of Services

The following is the scope of services for a typical business valuation:

1) Review of various financial and operating documents for the company and phone discussions to better understand the company's business operations, marketing, management, and any unusual, infrequent and non-recurring financial and other events.

2) Using various methodologies we will determine a range of acceptable values. The methodologies will include discounted cash flow, revenue multiples, multiple of cash flow, and others that are deemed appropriate.

3) The multiples will be complied using our proprietary databases of recent transactions, leading international business databases, industry trends, and similar.

4) A valuation report will be prepared describing the expected fair market value of the company and the methodologies used to determine the value.

5) A phone conversation with the client will be held to explain the valuation report, valuation methodology, and to answer any questions.

Selling a Transportation Company