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About Us

TRANSPORTATION FOCUS | Market knowledge and relationships.

Whether selling, buying, financing or valuing a business, the best way to succeed is to align yourself with the best. DOT and regulatory considerations, driver mix, backhaul issues and many other variables must be considered to reach the right partner. Our operational expertise and market knowledge allow your deal to stand apart and reach the right partners.

EXPERIENCED TEAM | Over 1,000 transactions and over 200 years experience.

Our team's understanding of and commitment to transportation runs very deep and separates us substantially from other investment banking firms. In addition to over 1,000 client transactions handled by our team, we have bought, sold, financed and managed transportation companies. This is invaluable experience which makes our team especially effective in understanding complex businesses and knowing the right steps to take.

LOOKING BEYOND THE NUMBERS | Ability to find the value where others don't know to look.

Truly understanding the core value of a business beyond the numbers is critical in both determining the actual value as well as understanding which partners would find the most value in the business. Our team's thorough understanding of operational aspects of building and running transportation companies allows us to bring out the value and understand who would pay a premium.

INTERNATIONAL SCOPE | Transactions and relationships.

Globalization is upon us. The right deal is often outside of a local area and increasingly beyond a country or a continent. We have transactional experience in various parts of the world.

FOUNDER BIO | Michael Ryan

Highlights: Transportation M&A Expertise
  Extensive Finance Experience
  20 years M&A Experience
  Fortune 100 Company VC Experience

Mr. Ryan has substantial expertise in the transportation sector as well as corporate finance and investment banking.

Mr. Ryan has over twenty years of extensive experience representing business owners, officers and shareholders of privately held companies. He founded Transportation Capital & Mergers in 1991.

Mr. Ryan has had experience in all types of transportation transactions including: selling companies, acquisition searches, management buyouts, product licensing, business and product valuations, distressed companies, and raising expansion and venture capital.

Prior to forming Transportation Capital & Mergers, LLC, Mr. Ryan held a number of senior positions at transportation companies as well as in corporate venture capital, at a Fortune 100 company. He began his career in 1985 at a Big Four CPA firm in the entrepreneurial services division.

Mr. Ryan is a Certified Public Accountant. He has an MBA and BS degree in accounting from St. Louis University.